Saturday, August 13, 2011

Chalk Paint

Cornstarch + Water + food coloring = Chalk Paint
This was so much fun!  I love sidewalk chalk, but sometimes it's fun to change it up a little bit.


Of course there had to be fighting.  It is the middle of August after all!

I'm going to be one of those moms and just say it:  I think I'm finally ready for school to start. I love my kids so much, but sometimes their bickering can really fry the ol' nerves.
But they loved this chalk paint.  There were a few spills, someone not being careful enough and knocking it with his foot.  Thus the wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Fortunately it was towards the end of the paint so there wasn't too much lost.

The splattering was the boys favorite.  Scamp splattered up and down the street.
We think Ruby might have Siamese somewhere in her ancestry, her meow is SO loud!  She really wanted to be out there with them.  She began as inside-only-cat and has gradually  moved to inside/backyard-cat.  She's a hunter.  Hard to squelch that.

And Winnie.  Always Winnie.  Forever faithful dog.


My parents are arriving for a visit any minute now!  The excitement is palpable in the house today.  A nice way to make the last couple of weeks of summer fly by. 

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