Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Today was a good day

Start with swimming lessons in 62 degree weather and it's all uphill from there.  Fortunately, the water is heated to 78 degrees all the time.  Here in the Rockies, that's niiiiiiice.

Adam is gone this week at a conference.  We miss him.  But things are going well.  I'm keeping my cool (with the small exception when I yelled at Scamp to quit getting out of quiet time--Mommy needs quiet time, too!!) and we're having fun together.

As a complete knock-off of Meg at whatever we are having Treat Tuesdays.  And, again with the knock-off, we tried her cute little Oreo pops.  We stuck the sticks in the Oreos, but when I started dipping them into the white chocolate the black cookie kept separating from the icing and, even worse!, they were breaking. 
After about three tries, I nixed the lollipop stick idea and we went for straight-up chocolate and sprinkle covered Oreos.  And you know what?  I don't think they tasted any different.

Meg--how did you do the stick thing?  I'll have to ask her.

Sprite had softball practice.  Supposedly.  But after picking up a fellow softball playing friend, driving to the practice venue, which is NOT in our town, by the way, not a soul was there.  Crickets.
So we packed up and headed to the spot where they sometimes play a game if we're at home.  Again, not a soul.
I'm thinking an email went out and neither myself nor the friend's mom got it.  Weird.  And annoying.

Despite that, or because of that actually, we made it home earlier than planned and were able to have a somewhat normal dinner time.  Sprite asked last week if she could make dinner one night and tonight was the night.  Bacon, spinach and cheddar mini-quiches with broccoli as a side.  (Thanks to my MOM for giving us Rachael Ray's kids cooking book!) I was acting sous-chef.  They were really good and I could have eaten so many more but it's good I didn't because my stomach is hurting just a bit right now.

Could be the chocolate covered Oreos, though.  I won't blame the quiches OR my daughter's cooking.

It's nearly Wednesday, at mid-week.  How you all doin'?

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