Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Easy breezy

It sounds basic.  It sounds minimalistic.  It sounds easy.

So I know I'm not alone in my realization that camping is, in fact, HARD.  Many of your comments and emails alerted me to the fact that you already knew this.

And yet we still go.  Every summer.  Usually a few times.  And it's fun! but it's not easy. 

Packed to the hilt!


Bikes and all.  Adam is busy getting the top rack ready for his bike.  We don't have a second top rack yet so my bike got to rest at home. 

What is not shown is the van hooked up with jumper cables to the other car.  Apparently, two to three hours of doors open and interior lights on will drain a car's battery down.  We'll have to remember that next time. 

Home sweet home.  At least for a few days.

Investigating the neighboring ants.

Morning sun.

First night's meal.  There's nothing better than roasted rosemary chicken, potatoes and carrots after  traveling, setting up camp, and swimming.  Yum.  Also, super easy.

We found an arroyo.  I realized later that night that it is exactly what the heels of my feet look like.  I need a pedicure.

Picnik collage

Gorgeous sunset over the reservoir.  We camped at Highline Lake, which is nearly in Utah.  Beautiful spot!

 I know it's been hot everywhere the past few weeks.  It was h.o.t.-hot (as my dad would say) there, too.  Our first and second day reached 100 degrees.  We were thankful that it was dry-heat.  Makes a world of difference.  We were also thankful for the water to cool off and play in!


Despite how much work camping can be, we really love it.  The time away from home, from the computer, from being plugged-in is refreshing.  Being able to sit and read while the kids ride their bikes or explore nature is the perfect way to spend an afternoon.  It's imaginative.  It's real. 

It's also good to be home.

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