Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Last week, while Adam was gone, we got along by just doing the basics.  And playing at the pool.  And running around to various t-ball and softball games--3 games and a practice.  Oy.

E at the bat again

This week has already grabbed me by the shoulders, given me a shake, packed me in the car and driven around like a crazy mom.  

Oh.....that was me to my kids. 

Yep--it's CAMP WEEK and it's crazy.

headed into Carbondale

Because, while I signed them both up for the morning session because that's what the little piece of paper said to do if they were the ages that they were, I forgot that we still had swimming lessons.

And also, because, while they were both in the morning session...yadda yadda yadda.....apparently they decided to switch it around and not let the parents know that apparently the older kids (ie. 9 year olds, ie. Sprite) should come to the afternoon session instead because the morning session is for younger kids.


So.  That means this:   Scamp goes from 9-12.  there is an hour break (of course) between the two sessions.  Sprite goes from 1-4.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the little fact that this is all taking place not in my town.  It's down the highway about 20 miles or so, give or take construction.


This is also the week of Scamp's birthday.  It's Thursday, but the party is Friday.  For his actual birthday dinner he has requested the following:

  • mussels as an appetizer
  • crab legs AND/OR
  • (as a back-up plan in case I can't find crab legs or they're too expensive) shrimp pasta.
The party will consist of the ultra-gourmet food:  BowlingAlleyPizza.  Oh yeah.

O and Rubes

The bright part of today was that I found out that camp is only Monday through Thursday.  Thankfully that will leave me time on Friday to bake and decorate a cake.  I am not a great cake decorator.  I always have grand visions and then reality hits and I am struck with butter-fingers (the figurative ones, not the ones coated in chocolate, because now that I think about it that would make a fantastic cake don't you think?)

This post has been full of the meanderings of my brain.  I hope to post more thoughtful, insightful and intelligent posts like I usually do.

*winky wink*

I'll leave you with one question:  This is the first year we've done any sort of camp.  Some families fill their summer with them.  What do you do?

Ok, so it's two questions:  Do you like to decorate cakes?

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