Saturday, July 2, 2011


I didn't know that when we left the house this morning, we would come home with a new addition.


We walked into the pet store for a glance at the leopard geckos.  Sprite got it into her head this morning that she wanted a leopard gecko.  I have no idea where this came from.  So I suppose Adam was humoring her and being a good parent by not screaming NO and running from the room.

That's just what I would have done, I guess.  I'm really good at saying no.  I want to be a yes parent, I need work.


So, like I said, we walked in, and there she was.  There were actually about 15 little kittens there, up for adoption from the local animal shelter.

We still looked at the geckos.  And the hamsters, Guinea pigs, mice, fish and turtles.  Not to mention the birds, snakes and ferrets.  Trying to distract children in a pet store so you can have an adult conversation with your spouse about a potential pet is not as easy as I thought it would be.  And we were busted when they found us looking at litter boxes.  Totally gave it away.

There were squeals echoing through the store, I tell ya.  Squeals!  Three children squealing is a lot of squealing.

So, she's ours.  And after much discussion, much, much, much, she has been deemed Ruby.

Meet Ruby:


Her expression is a little crazed here.  She's quite affectionate and friendly and ready to hold her own with Winnie, who just thinks she's a new friend to play with.  Which she will be.  When she can stop hissing long enough to realize Winnie wouldn't hurt a fly.  Or a cat.

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