Wednesday, June 29, 2011


I am drinking lemonade to squelch the desire for a Dr. Pepper.  I've been off caffeine for over a month.  There is a reason.  I'll tell you about it soon.  I'm just not up for  lengthy rationalizations at the mo'.


VBS is going so well this week, I can't even believe how much fun I'm having.  Even when the 25 preschoolers come racing to the craft station.  25!  Wow, you wouldn't believe how that number can just make the heart race when glue and markers are involved.

Today was an Oriental Trading Company craft (for the big kids), a floating panda, super easy and fun.  Yesterday was a kazoo.  I wanted to pull my hair out.  But I didn't!  I smiled! 


It's hot today.  It's in the 90s.  I'm thankful the humidity's super low as we have no A/C in this house to speak of.  Well, we have it, but it's so pathetic and small it's not even worth turning on.  Thankfully, there are only a few days each summer I sort of wish we had it.  But, honestly, it's nice not having it.  I feel more apart of the world in a way.  With all the doors and windows shut and I'm inside and I can't hear anything going on outside, I feel a little cooped up on a nice sunny day.  It eases the guilt of being inside when I think I should be outside.  Anyone else have the love/hate relationship with A/C?

I think the songs from our VBS will be permanently stuck in my noggin for approximately the next 3.45 months.  Or longer.  Fortunately, they're actually good songs/music.  Unfortunately, even good music can become bad when it's stuck in your head.  Just sayin'.


I'm loving the random posts right now.  Anyone else?  Just me?  It just takes the pressure off, ya know?

One more randomly random thought:
I re-registered for the no-call list today.  I just answered another 1-888-number whose identity was "not provided" and I just about screamed.  I didn't realize you have to RE-register for that no-call list every now and then.  Did you?

happy Wednesday!

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