Monday, June 27, 2011



Our weather has been just wonderful lately.  Nice and hot, but not too hot.  Perfect pool weather.  Our snow pack was so crazy big this year that our rivers and creeks have been absolutely rushing.  I have to get a photo and show you.  I'm not sure how it will turn out on camera, but I'll try.


Last week we found a day for a hike.  I hadn't been on this particular trail before, but we have so many you could pick a new one practically each day!  And the wildflowers!  Goodness!  There are just NO words.  Beautiful!  (This hike is where these photos are from, taken all with my trusty point-and-shoot.)

Picnik collage

I had a friend ask where I got the pizza dough recipe.  It's PWs.  You can find it here.  Do not fear the yeast, it's easy!  I've got some roasted red peppers just sitting in my fridge waiting to be made into pizza sauce.....I think that'll go on the menu this week.

Yes, incidentally, it IS Monday and I have still not made a menu or a grocery run.  My fridge is so nice and empty, but it's also pathetic and empty.  Do you have that feeling ever?  That you love the way your fridge looks empty but know what that means:  that you have no food and hungry people to feed?  Yeah.  I'm there right now.


Vacation Bible school is this week for our church.  My job is crafts, it's super fun.  I'm somewhat embarrassed to say that this is this first time I've worked VBS in I don't know how long.  In my defense, the past two summers we've been out of town during the VBS weeks, the summer before that we were in transition between New York and Colorado, the summer before that we were in Korea (where, looking back on it, I did work our summer camp, so maybe that counts?) and the summer before that my kids weren't old enough to go.

Whew.  I don't know about you, but I feel sufficiently justified.  Ok, so I'm glad I can help this year.  Like I said, it's super fun.  What's there not to love about crafts?

Both Scamp and Sprite had games tonight.  I took the boys to Scamp's game because they were up past 10pm--excited about VBS--geeze--and I wanted to get them into bed a bit earlier tonight.  Adam took Sprite to hers.  He's such a sport, those games are looooong I tell ya.  **They just got in and Sprite had a hit to first base and played catcher for a bit!  SO proud of her!**

I am probably completley behind the times and a nerd and all that, but I have just discovered the most awesome music for running and cleaning and anything where you need to get your booty moving.  Check them out:  Group 1 Crew, their CD is really cheap-o right now, too.  Bonus!  It's a bit like a not-so-naughty Black Eyed Peas.  I like that.  They can be pretty naughty, but their music is dope.

I'm sorry I just said "dope".  I don't know what's come over me.

That's it for tonight!  Happy Monday!  Hope your week is going GREAT!

Told ya they were beauts!

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