Monday, June 6, 2011

interlude: things I've realized about myself and some photos

I can't stand being busy when we're not supposed to be busy.

We are too busy for summer.

I don't need a maid.  I just need a few hours of babysitting.  Every week.

I love warm weather.  note:  this was not new information to me, just thought I'd share.

Given the choice between watching a soccer game and a t-ball or softball game, I'd take the soccer game every time.

I'm worried that some day my kids will come read this and think I didn't like their t-ball or softball game.  They might be right.

Now here are the photos.  They're from our weekend and I don't have the energy to type out descriptions for them.  In a nutshell, it is Scamp's first t-ball game, the Black Hawk landing at "Opening Day" for our county's baseball season, and the Teva Games in Vail this weekend.

Did anyone else go?







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