Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ending with a BANG

Ah, we finished!  It's nearly a week later, but I just haven't had the gumption to sit down and post about it.  (***edit to add, it is now TWO weeks late.  dang.***)


School ended, as it always does, with a half-day Field Day.  One of my very favorite things about our school is that it's K-12, all in the same building, all interspersed throughout the halls.  Kids of all ages will be walking down the halls, passing one another, having book buddies and such all together.  Kindergarteners carve pumpkins with "their Senior".  The 8th grade helps the 1st graders dissect frogs (ew).  And all lower school has a book buddy in another grade.  I love it!

Field day is full of the usual games and shenanigans.  Teams consist of one or two kids from each grade plus a team-teacher.  They choose a theme (tie-dye, orange, stripes, etc.) and get all psyched up about the day.  It is so fun to watch!

Sprite was on the white team.  Couldn't have been easier.
Scamp was on the rainbow team.  That took a bit more work, but it was nothing a white shirt and some sharpies couldn't handle.

We finished strong, despite what his face might show,
loved on and by friends and teachers,
and then headed to Denver for the weekend.
We saw the Rockies absolutely demolish the St.Louis Cardinals .  What a shame, we were hoping to see those Cards win. I'm serious, I'm a Missouri girl, remember?

We got a lot of shopping done, as well, which is what you do when you live in a ridiculously expensive area:  you save up and get all the shopping done at once.  But despite the hours spent in stores, it was actually a really fun weekend.  We went to the hotel pool, ate lots of good food and were just together with no real agenda.

Monday, Memorial day, we came home and Adam got to go out on his mountain bike.
He crashed.
He broke his elbow.
Surgery was Friday and it was much better than the doctor had anticipated, which was wonderful.

Needless to say, the bike will, unfortunately, be collecting dust for the next few weeks.  We'll just have to make it up with lots of family hikes!

It's Summer Time!!!!


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