Saturday, June 25, 2011

Barely making it on a Saturday night

And by "barely making it" I mean my eyes are barely making it to the completely-open stage.  It is 10:00, after all.
I've never been a night owl and I don't particularly like the mornings.  I'm more of an afternoon-person, if there is such a thing.

This has been a great week of togetherness.  Last night, Adam and I had a "home date" and as hokey as that sounds, I always really enjoy them.  No money to be forked over at the end of the night, no money to be forked over for a meal and no deadline to get back home to drive the babysitter back.  I made grilled pizza, and you should too.
Picnik collage

Sprite had a softball game.  She had fun.  We traveled almost an hour to get to the game.  At this age?  Goodness, we live in such a small place, we have to travel to have teams to play.

Adam helped the coach catch as the team was warming up.  Can you see the blue stuff on his right arm?  That's some sort of compression strips to help with the swelling.  They sound like a lot of hooey, but they work.  He's gradually feeling better, but still, there's a lot of way to go.

Picnik collage
Today was Eagle Flight Days.  I'm not really sure what it's supposed to celebrate, but Eagle is the town we live in and the county's name, so the flight part probably stems from something when they started it 50 years ago.  I was trying to get a shot of Scamp, he is impossibly hard to get sometimes.  He either makes a weird 6-year-old face or his eyes are closed.

This was taken at Sprite's softball game and I LOVE it.  I mean, really love it!  It's so him.  Just the way I would capture him every single time if I could.  I think this one is going to need to be ordered in a large size.

Picnik collage
We drove back from Missouri on Monday.  It was so great to be there.  That's my dad.  He's in love with all three of these kids.  I had the best intentions of getting a photo of the kids and their grandparents together.  Total fail.

What's your weekend looking like?


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