Wednesday, May 4, 2011


It's spring.  It's May.  It's crazy.

I'm just going to resolve myself to that fact.  Multiple drives up-valley during the week.  Recitals.  Concerts.  Projects.  School-visiting days.  Soccer games. 

Sprite's spring piano recital.

I know you get it.  I know that you, too, are doing the crazy.

I washed the dog yesterday.
lick your lips
I haven't actually washed her myself in about 2 years.  I know it's somewhat ridiculous sounding, but we budget for dog-groomings and the thought of washing Winnie at home just about does me in.

Fact one:  Winnie weighs about 90 pounds.  That's a lot of dog.

Fact two:  Winnie sheds.  A lot.  All that fur that God gave her to protect her from the snow she loves to sleep in has to come out when the thermometer rises above freezing.

Fact three:  Winnie's coat is also made to withstand water.  Imagine how long it takes to just get the dog wet so the soap will suds.

Fact four:  Now imagine drying the dog that has been wet so much that the water actually penetrates the water-barrier.  That's a lot of wet dog.

Fact five:  She stank.  Stunk?  Was stinky? was bad.  This fact alone was enough for me to ignore facts one through four and overcome the fact that I am
Fact six:  lazy.

Need a way to entertain your 4-year-old on a warm, sunny day when the yard is still a bit soggy?
Get some rice, a box and toys.  Instant hour of play.
You should probably put sunscreen on the kid, but it's ok if you forget because you're not used to the sun being out.

THIS deserves a post of it's own:

and I'll leave you with this.....
downward dog 1
Look at that face--it's exactly what I look like when I try to do a downward dog!

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