Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Spring Wreath with Recycled Egg Cartons

I saw this awhile ago and knew I wanted to try this with Puck. So I started saving egg cartons about a month ago.  Little did I know it would take a snowy day, not being able to go outside and quite a bit of spring fever to get us going on this project. 

I don't have any photos of me cutting all those little egg cups into shapes, but that is definitely an adult/older kid thumb was numb the rest of the night.  That was weird.


We used the paint that comes in those little attached buckets, I think it might be acrylic.  We found that the cardboard soaked up the paint quite a bit, so I don't think watercolor would work for this.


The more color choices, the better!



I finally gave into the pleading for a face-painting.



this isn't a low-watt glue gun, so I glued and Puck did the flower arranging.



oh!  I forgot to show you what we used for the wreath base.  as you can see, anything can be used.  dr. pepper is an addiction.


cheerful spring flowers to bring color to our grey skis!


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