Saturday, May 21, 2011

some random randomness

today was the last of the soccer games of the season.  I didn't take any photos, I was afraid for my camera--the wind was crazy, the intermittent rain had intermittent ice in it, and it was so cold I wouldn't have been able to push the shutter release button.  too bad, though, because Sprite scored her first goal!  I couldn't believe how choked up I got!  the smile on her face, I've never seen anything like it.  amazing.


we have one week of school left.  one week.  that doesn't seem possible.  I am so glad, so very glad.  it will be so nice to have some normalcy to our lives.  it's not just having the kids home and not having the drive up valley several times a week.  see, Adam is also at the school (wasn't sure how many of you might know that) and this has been the busiest year we can remember.  ever.


with the last week of school looming ahead of us, we have a lot to do this week.  two class picnics, graduation, teacher's gifts to think about, field day at school.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed it doesn't snow or rain for the kids' picnics. that just stinks.  especially if it snows.  rain is normal in the spring, snow is not normal (I know, I know, we live in the mountains and should expect but it still doesn't make me happy, not at the tail end of MAY).


a few days ago I mentioned thinking about literally covering the tv during summer break and only letting the kids watch for special movie nights or when it was raining.  I think we're definitely going to do this.  it seems like every time there's the least bit of lull in their play, they run up and ask to watch tv.  I'm sick of it.  sick of the way they fight over what to watch, sick of how grumpy they are when they turn it off, sick of the noise of it (kid shows can be so irritating), sick of the mind-numbing qualities it produces.  amazing how an hour of vegging out doesn't give them energy, it actually seems to do the opposite.

I'm excited to see what kind of creative things they find to fill their time.  we're going to be more intentional about schooling through the summer.  we're going to take inspiration from Meg and have Craft Thursdays (or some other day).  I'll be sure to post about them.
this is what became of them when I told them they wouldn't be watching tv this afternoon (already having had some cartoons this morning).  in full disclosure, this totally makes me a nervous wreck.  see that cup full of paint-water?  totally nervous.

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