Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pondering for summer

media:  covering the TV and leaving it only for rainy days and special movie nights

school:  we do some school during the off-months, so what to use for each kid

food:  what to grill each and every single day

exercise:  I weigh more than I've weighed in awhile.  i'm not overweight, I don't have a distorted sense of my body, I just want my jeans to not be quite as tight.   I can't wait to be able to walk/jog after dinner each night.

pool:  every single day we can!

camps:  only a few, and only the cheap ones so we can miss every now and then and not feel too guilty

sports:  tee-ball for Scamp and softball for Sprite (first time for both!)


I'm writing this on a day where many of you are considering if it's too early to turn on the air conditioning.  this morning, here in the high country of Colorado, our fireplace was going.

because it was snowing.

so, I now ask you:  what are you pondering for the summer?


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