Monday, May 9, 2011

I am a mom

I was never one of those kids who fawned over all the babies in church. 
I didn't help in nursery (partly because I was lazy, though, and I'm so sorry about that!), and I only babysat for a few select families and only every now and then. 
I would help in VBS at church, but then that was because all my friends were. 

I was the baby of the family and I would sometimes sorta kinda wish my parents had had another kid after me, but then I would realize that would mean my life would change and goodness, we wouldn't want that.

If you haven't figured it out yet, I was a spoiled little girl.  Not a brat, though, or so my parents assure me and I'm choosing to believe them!  Parents always tell the truth!

But, despite this, I always, always wanted to be a mom.  I knew I would love my babies.  And I did.  I knew I would love my kids.  And I do.

I am blessed with three children and a husband who makes it all possible for us to have this amazing life!

Our weekend was full of soccer games and lawn work.  It was truly, truly spring!  We now have a backyard full of dirt and grass seed.  Our hope is that it will one day actually have grass.  Because it didn't.  I've never seen thatch like that.  Wow. 

AND NOW, for the pictures.....................

Sprite's first soccer game.  They lost, but she almost scored a goal AND she was goalie for part of the game and she saved a goal!  (is that the terminology? "saved the goal?"  I'm so out of the sports thing.  Fill me in.)

Puck spent a good hour stringing beads for his bandolier.  All by himself.  This child is the most persistent, focused kid.  Crazy stuff.

There are things that moms and dads long for their children to do for themselves for years.  Buckling their own seatbelt, brushing their own teeth, putting themselves to bed when you ask them to.
And this, THIS.
Playing a game.  together.  Without the need for explaining or directing!  Heaven!
I love that they love Sorry!  It was one of my families favorites growing up.  That, and UNO.  I have memories of sitting on my dad's lap while we played.

A grudging photo.  I love you, buddy!!

And I want to end with this......
Wait.  There's more.......
So if we open up the green one written in Spanish, given by my 1st grader, Scamp, you'll see this:
His favorite word is Mama--oh, how sweet!
And, what's that say......"taco?"  Wha?

I truly hope all you Mommies out there had a wonderful Mother's Day!

P.S.  I'm putting tacos on the menu this week.

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