Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Cyclist

This little dude
biked a solid 45 minutes today while his mama walked/jogged.  He is a rock star.  A few pushes up the hills were needed to get started after pausing to wait for me, but otherwise he was all about doing it on his own.
I love his stamina.  I need to reach waaay down and find that inner-stamina.  I know I have to have it somewhere!

Then we got home and I picked up the resistance bands (I love these things--no unsightly weights littering up the living room!) and, sure enough, Puck picked some up too.
I'd like to think my form was somewhat better than his, but I'm not completely sure.
When I commented on how strong he was, he responded, "Yeah, it's because I've got my workout clothes on."
Mm, hmm.  That would be your birthday suit, buddy.  Well, not exactly, but this is a family friendly blog here!
Whew!  That was hard work!


Alright, summer is coming (has to be, right?) and I'm hoping to get out there and have more photos of things other than my littlest.  He's a cutie, but I know you all have to be a bit tired of seeing his sweet little mug all the time.  Well, unless your the grandparents, and then you probably want more.

Adam and I sat down and made our summer plans.  They're not wild and crazy, but I feel really great about them.  It will be a great summer.  Some camping, some hiking, some travel.  A good mix of all-things-summer.

So, com'mon SUMMER!!!

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