Monday, April 25, 2011

A non-sequetor list of unrelated things I realized this weekend in bullets.

  • There is an impossibly large number of yellow beans in a bag of jelly beans.  Even the Starburst variety.  I get it.  I, too, like the way yellow is so sunny and adds a rainbowness to all those colors.  But why must they make it lemon?  why not...pineapple or mango?  They finally got smart and changed green from lime to something less mouth-puckering.  Who wants lemon and lime, I ask you.  One really tart citrusy flavor in a bag of sugar is enough.
  • I hate Yo! Gabba Gabba.  Stupidest show.  Ever.  It freaks me out.  Like, totally.
  • I'm currently reading The Weird Sisters by Eleanor Brown.  It is so very good.  Who knew how much I would love first-person-plural?  I've had a string of good books to read lately.  I'm so spoiled.
  • Getting a good photo of the kids, all together, on Easter, with their nice clothes on was...trying.


"This is what we call the Muppet show!"
(actually, I really like this one)

There we go!

So here we have the boys, where there are soooo many issues coming to the forefront.
And among them, we have......

Sprite, nearly guaranteed to know how to tilt her head, open her eyes wide and placate her mama look beautiful in general.
Why, yes.  Yes I do know I'm completely biased.  I labored for 12 hours with no drugs for this girl.  Some bias is to be expected.

  • This is our new favorite family game.  have you played?  you should, good for all ages.  Shoot, the 4-year-old nearly beat us all! AND the oldest of us (ahem, ADAM, cough) liked it, too!
We played last night after our Easter feast.  We had quite a bit of smack-talk going around the table. 

AND the last bullet I will bore you with this afternoon is this:
  • Smack talk isn't as funny in real life as it is on TV.

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