Friday, April 15, 2011

friday photos

snow 4/14/11
If it wasn't so aggravating, it would be hilarious.

The sun did come out in the afternoon, and it was beautiful.  And cold. And none of the snow had stuck.

sun after the snow 4/14/11


Puck and I made peanut butter cookies.
PB cookies1
I have now eaten far too many peanut butter cookies.  So many that I've lost count.
I should eat some more.  Why stop now?


I got my very first canvas in the mail today.  How cute are these kids?!
I got the deal at Thanksgiving for Canvas On Demand from Groupon.  It took me 5 agonizing months to decide which photo to use for it.  It took Adam 5 seconds to come look at my top choices and point to this one.
Gotta love that man's decision-making power.  It's just something I don't have.


lego ship
Loving the Lego imagination.

Puck sent me two love notes during his quiet time this afternoon.  He slid them under the door to me.
love notes
I have no idea what they say.
That makes them no less precious.


Red Hot Chili Peppers' Under the Bridge is so 9th grade.  And I love it, love that song.
I love Pandora, too.  Have I mentioned that?  What did I ever listen to before Pandora?

Do you listen to Pandora?  What's your favorite station?


it's friday and I'm so glad.  I'll end the randomness now.  GO!  Enjoy your weekend!

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