Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Adventure Park

Saturday we headed out to the near-by adventure/amusement park.  What a glorious day!  It was so warm (nearly 70 degrees) with a bit of breeze, sunny skies.  Just perfect.

To get up to the park, we took the gondola, or tram.
It went up the mountain side, like this:
Puck was a bit nervous.  He's been on gondola's before, and even a ski lift, but I think he was actually nervous about the entire day.  Something about roller-coasters and 4D movies sort of psyched him out.
These guys?  Completely pumped.

I am constantly amazed by where we live!


Obligatory group photo.  Adam snagged the camera from me.  He was hoping that would alleviate a post with him in it.  Silly man! (see photo above!)

We even saw a bit of wild-life.  Can you see I-70 down there?

That contraption on the right there is called the Swing Shot.  It was (thankfully, not that I'd be riding that thing) closed for the winter season.  It swings you 120 degrees up both ways, so you're literally hanging over the mountain side and the highway.
Whew....no thanks!
It could have been one of the reason's for Puck's nervousness.
This is called a SpeleoBox.  There was a complete, really tight, cave-like structure in there.  Adam somehow talked me into getting in there. 
It was really, really fun.  It's fun to act like an 8-year-old sometimes!
I came out with all sorts of bruises.
Adam went in later (of course I didn't have my camera, which is why he probably felt safe going in) and also came out with many bruises.
All the kids went in multiple-times.  They also came out with bruises!  It's tight in there you all!

The day ended with dinner at Chili's.  Doesn't get much better than that!

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