Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Unplugging....just a bit

I'm sitting in my living room.  It's dark out.  A storm is blowing in.

I'm listening to my daughter cough.  And cough and cough and cough and....we've done all we can do to help her right now.
She was at home today, sick with this cold.  Sick, but not really bad.  Know what I mean?  Sick enough that I can't send her to school, but not sick enough to feel like just laying around and getting along with every one.  By the end of the day my nerves were frayed, I had yelled a few too many times and I was just so very done with the day.

Please, please tell me you have those days, too!


After getting Scamp sent off to school, I started on my normal daily routine: sweeping, feeding, laudrying, etc.  I kept finding myself, inexplicably, at my computer.  Ok, not so inexplicable, but still. 

I had read through my blog reader for the day (so many good posts out there lately!).  My inbox was clear.  I had written and responded to all emails that needed attention.  Extras had been either deleted or filed.  I uploaded a few photos to Flickr.

And yet, I was still sitting there staring know what it is!  Good ol' Facebook.  I don't even usually post any "updates" and I still find myself scrolling down, reading everyone else's status, photos, this, thats and the others.

b/w legos

So I did something.
Something profound.  Well, not profound, simple actually.  Something that will help my lazy butt stay off good ol' FB for awhile.  I took if off my top bar (is it a tool bar?) and I signed myself out of my account, so if it happens that I do click on it from an email or something I'll have to actually sign in again.  And it's very possible I won't even be able to remember my password.  And that will most likely be enough of an encumbrance to keep me off for awhile.  Told you I was lazy!

Why is something so inane so addictive?  Like I said, I don't even post things myself (my blog posts automatically), but there I sit, staring, wasting time.

legos 3

That's why I'm unplugging....just a bit....for awhile.  Maybe for a long while.
I'll keep reading my favorite blogs, there's just so much good to glean from what I read.  And I hope that my new-found-time will amount in more time for the people and things that I really love.

ps. I know the photos have absolutely nothing to do with this post, I just personally have a hard time reading something without pictures present to break it up.  I'm sure that says something about my possible undiagnosed ADD or something.  Ha--just kidding--I think.

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