Friday, March 11, 2011


I've been so MIA lately.

Company does that to me. 
Last week my parents were in.  It was great!
They spent a day with us in Denver.  I love that's a city, know what I mean? 
Have I mentioned I live in beautiful, yet isolated, mountains?  Wal-mart is the place I visit most.

While in Denver, we went to their Air and Space museum.

Yeah, they were that excited.
Half of it was closed for renovation.  Half of what was left was pretty lame.
However, there was this:
That's an x-wing fighter, you all.
It was completely cool and Puck just about couldn't take his eyes off of it.
The whole museum should be up and running in a month or so, and then I think it really will be cool.
It was pretty amazing to stand right under all those planes and just get a sense of how huge they are.

My folks then took our kids back home while--get this--Adam and I stayed in Denver--by ourselves.
It was weird.
For about 5 minutes.
Then it was great.  For three days!

No photos.  Completely forgot to get my camera out at all while we were there.  And I'm ok with that.


Speaking of my camera, it hasn't had much me-time lately.  My blog isn't the only thing to suffer when things get busy.  I think it had a total of 15 shots on it when I looked last.  And that's two week's worth.
So we got out together yesterday.
All the way to the back yard.
The sun is finally shining on a consistent basis so I tried to get some cuties of Winnie.

This one's pretty cute.

So is this one.

This one is just ridiculous.

happy friday!

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