Wednesday, March 30, 2011

If they cook it, they will eat it

Adam was at a meeting last night, so the kids and I cooked dinner together.
I have to be very honest here, and tell you that this is not the norm.  I had to plan for this, make sure I had something for them to all do, plus make sure it was something they would at least try.
They were so excited and came home ready to get cooking.
But first came homework.

I don't have any photos from our prep or the actual cooking.  I had the camera all ready, but with four of us, three under the age of 9, milling around the kitchen, sharp knives, and raw chicken and shrimp involved, I opted to keep both eyes open and both hands available.

Picnik collage

In case you're wondering, they loved it.  We also made peanut noodles to round out the meal.
Want the recipes?  Thai Chicken Wraps and Peanut Noodles (thanks, Deborah--betcha didn't know I've been using this recipe for awhile!)  We added shrimp in with the chicken when we added the red peppers.  Sprite was able to pick out the chicken since all seafood (with the exception of tuna) is "gross!!" and the boys got a treat of shrimp.  Oh, and I also added my new favorite chili pepper, a Fresno (seeded) in with the red bell pepper.  Fresno's are super mild, a bit smoky, and I love them.  Give them a try along with an Anaheim next time you want something a bit spicy but are cooking for kids.

Grab your kids and grab an apron!  Cooking with kids is great, and you're practically assured of no turned up noses at the table when they get a say in what goes into dinner!

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