Sunday, March 27, 2011

I was a bench warmer

Or, more accurately, a bleacher warmer.
I would have had to actually try out for some sort of sport to be a bench warmer.
It was just never my thing.  At all.
Sweat?  Ew. 
Working hard?  Not if I could help it. 
Falling down and getting hurt?  No thanks!

I think I've changed some parts of my life for the better now that I'm a grown-up and all. 

But team sports were always part of my life.  Remember?  The bleacher warmer? 
Yeah, that was me.  I was the little sister drawing rainbows in my kitten notebook.  I was the little sister playing under the bleachers in the dirt.  I was the little sister being told to not turn around to look at you while you changed into your baseball jersey in the backseat.  That was all me!

I was more of a music kid.  Piano, clarinet, ensembles, vocals, marching band, etc., etc., etc.

And now, now that I'm a grown-up, now that sweat means I'm losing weight, now that working hard means I'm being a good steward of the time and resources God has given me, now that falling down doesn't hurt any more.......wait.  Yes, falling down still hurts, so scratch that one.  (Why do you think I can't stand skiing? Let me tell you, falling in powder still hurts, just not as much.)
NOW that I'm a grown-up.....where can you find me?

On the bleachers.
Watching these cutie pies.


DSC_0134b scamp


But now my company is different.  I don't have that kitten notebook anymore, though you can still find me doodling rainbows sometimes.  I don't play in the dirt, unless it's called "gardening".  And I'm the one yelling at the sister to not look while someone gets dressed in the back seat. 
And now I've got precious time to spend with these guys as we warm the bench, watching the others skate, or somersault, or kick the ball around.
Picnik collage

What bleachers are you warming these days?

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