Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hard Copy

Do you scrapbook?  I mean, really scrapbook.  With fun scissors, stickers, raffia ribbon and the like?

One of my good friends is a scrapbooker.  And I used to feel so guilty that I wasn't one.  I'm too distractable for it....takes too much time and precision, you know?  Then I started blogging and all my guilt washed away....ahhhh.

The digital age is wonderful for capturing any amount of memories on film without the worry of having any good photos come from the developer or not.  Remember those rolls?  The ones where you took three rolls of film of a fun day, dropped them off at the developer, waited anxiously to see them, only to get them back and have a bunch of blurry, dark or otherwise cruddy photos in hand, with maybe a few good ones?  Thankfully, those days are (mostly) gone.  (I still have days where every single shot taken makes me cringe--you?)

However, I missed having the actual photo in hand.  In an album.
My kids did too.

Puck spent half an hour last week pouring over this photo album from the past years' pictures.

I realized I need a solution to my problem of all my photos only being on my computer.  I finally started keeping a "Best Of" folder for each month's photos.  Each time I download my camera to my computer, I pick out the ones I want to edit, either edit them then or save them to edit later.  Then I make a copy and put them in my "Best Of" folder.  That way, when I do manage to get around to having photos printed, all I have to do is click on those folders from each month and upload them to my site of choice (usually Shutterfly or Snapfish--this is not a plug, just thought you'd like to know). 

I have a friend who does this every month, I'm trying to get that good.  It would be a lot easier to put them in my albums if they were in order! you develop?  Scrapbook?  Blog?  How do you keep your memories in the hands of your loved ones?

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