Thursday, March 17, 2011


It just wouldn't be right to not document Sprite's concert performance from the other night.
Her choir director had try-outs many weeks ago for solos for the concert.  Sprite tried out.  I was so proud of her!  Kids ages 3rd grade to Seniors were trying out for many different parts. 

Sprite was chosen to be part of a 4-person ensemble during the song!  Again, so proud!

Emma's concert
really not trying to put the spotlight only on Sprite here, as it was an ensemble, just trying to protect the identities of others
It's really too bad she was feeling so awful, coughed nearly the entire time, but hid it well.  

It's no wonder she's a music lover.........
Adam getting his groove on

Adam got to play with the jazz ensemble--how fun!  How cute are they in their sunglasses?  They played Pink Panther and the whole group sounded so great!

Love our musical family!

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