Thursday, February 3, 2011

Sweet Sprite (Day 3: joy of Love)

I cheated a bit for today's assignment.
Today was  a day like we all have every once and awhile. Not bad, not good.  Just busy, busy, busy.
I snapped a photo of Adam this morning that he grudgingly sat for.  It was 6am, not even close to light out and when I went to look at the photo, I just had to shake my head.  No way.
So today was a blur.  Not many photos of people were taken.  That's ok.

Today's assignment is "then and now."  

I realized that I never posted any pics from when we had our friends from Iowa visit this summer.  Sprite and her sweet friend, M, were so very, very happy to be together!

Friends then and now
first photo:  M, age 4, Sprite, age 3 (how adorable are they?!  It was the spring dance recital.)
second photo: Sprite, age 8, M, age 9  (taken this summer on a hike. the light was perfect under a shady tree.)

And since I went walking down ol' memory lane today, I couldn't help but post this as well:
Sprite then and Now
first photo: Sprite, age 4 (I think)
second photo: Sprite, age 8

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