Monday, February 7, 2011

Snowshoe hike {Day 6: who THEY love}

What a gorgeous place we live in!  Saturday, it finally warmed up enough to get outside and enjoy the snow.  We drove up to a place called Yeomen Park, which is quite a bit higher in elevation than where we live (we're at about 6,300 and we hiked at close to 9,000); hence, much more snow.  It was an amazing morning!  The kids had never been snowshoeing before, and they loved it.  Scamp was the biggest surprise.  Normally a fairly lazy kid (I'm sorry but it's true), he ran practically the entire time, tried to stay in the front, encouraged his little brother to go faster.  If you knew him, you'd smile. :)

Picnik collage

Saturday's theme for joy of love photo challenge was who THEY love.  And they love their Daddy!!  This has been a crazy busy year, so they haven't been with him as much as either they nor he would like, but our time together is so sweet.  This photo collage is Adam giving a lesson in why/how snowshoes work.  I love the way the older two are glued in.  Of course, Puck is a normal 4-year-old and couldn't have cared less about the lesson.  But being with Daddy is priceless for all of them.

I only had my old point-and-shoot with me.  I feel the need to tell you that.

AND, I'm late in getting Day 6 up, and I'm going to skip Day 7 all together because it's "Generations".  I'll just have to wait to get this one when my parents come visit in a couple of weeks.  yea!

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