Thursday, February 17, 2011

Puzzles {day 17: joy of LOVE}

Yep, I'm behind.

And I'm not apologizing about it.  ^^grin^^

The theme is "staying in."  And since a big ol' blizzard blew in today, that's exactly what we did.  At least Puck and I stayed in.  It took Sprite and Scamp's carpool three hours to make what is usually a 30 minute commute.  When semi's jack-knife, things can get ugly. 

Thankfully, the weather had cleared up mostly by the time dismissal came around.  When they got home, Puck got everyone going on puzzles.  I excused myself just long enough to get this sweet shot.

I had my aperture pretty high (is that what I mean? too high?) so Puck's the only one in focus, but I still like it.

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