Monday, February 21, 2011


It's sunny!
The snow on the ground is melting a bit today.  There's ice underneath it, unfortunately, so I hope the sun shines all day to melt that ice. 
I took a couple of falls last week due to the icy sidewalk.  Two falls, one right after the other.
Smack dab in front of the full car of kids in carpool.
Nothing was hurt but my ego.  But the next, sore.

The weekend was full of cooking.

Sprite's huge country project is finally coming to completion today!  We've been working on this for three months.  Whew.  That's a lot of work for a 3rd grader.  But, I have to say, she's done the vast majority of the work, with the exception of finding good information sites on Zimbabwe (her country of choice).  The idea of a 3rd grader randomly searching the world wide web with no help makes me a bit nervous.  
The onions got to her, just a bit.
She even made the stew for today's International Lunch, nearly all by herself.  
Peeling garlic
I took of over the chopping of the small fresno chili, she was making me crazy nervous, I could just see a trip to the ER to reattach a finger.  No thanks.
My kids love to cook--I hope they keep that love their whole lives.

You all know I love to cook, as well.
Yummy, yummy lasagna from Friday night's meal.
Oh, so very good!

Why are food pictures so hard to take?

Enjoy your Monday!

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