Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Februray 2011: the joy of LOVE

I honestly don't get into Valentine's Day much.  For the past several years, our family has celebrated with a special meal and evening together.  Maybe I've become jaded to it, it seems a bit too commercialized.  Before we decided to start making it a "family-day of love" (did I seriously just write that? see, the whole thing seems corny and contrived), the whole thing would leave both Adam and I out of sorts.  There were always unmet expectations.  That is no fun--for anybody, whether your the man or woman in a relationship.  Why put the pressure on yourselves?  Ok, so I'm jaded.  But I can't be alone on this...there have to be others who feel the same.

However, with all of that said, willette photography is putting on a month-long FREE class and the theme is the joy of LOVE. {by the way, you can still sign up!} I can't pass up a free photography class, not to mention the inspiration everyday to get a photo of someone I love.  She has a little button i could put on here, but I'm not smart enough today to figure out how to do that.
One of Puck's favorite things to do is to take a bath during the day. 
He takes one a few times a week.  Don't tell his siblings....they'd be really jealous.
the joy of LOVE:  day 1

You'll be seeing plenty of the little non-schooler this month, but I hope this project forces me to be more diligent about getting photos of my other two, not to mention Adam.  Oh, how that man hates it when I take his picture!

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