Wednesday, February 2, 2011

100th day (Day 2: joy of LOVE)

Tomorrow is the 100th day of our school year.  What's even cooler about that, is that means there's only 75 more days left of school.  Woo hoo!  Over half-way through!

I'm not gonna lie....this has been a tough year.

Fortunately, only 1st grade decided to do any sort of celebration.  And what that translates into is only one 100th day costume.  And I do say "fortunately" because all the hoop-la that goes into 100th day kind of drives me crazy--I can be such a Grinch with this sort of thing!  Please don't judge. 
Sprite, on the complete other hand, was not quite as happy with missing out.
That is understating it. 
There were tears. 
Lots of tears. 
And not tears of joy. 
That's all I'm going to say.


Scamp decided he wanted to do 100 Life Savers into a necklace for his costume. He got about half-way through and we realized how heavy it was going to be around his neck. 
(I knew we should have gone with FruitLoops!)

Life Saver Bandolier

Life saver in motion
Life Saver in motion:  see the green blur above his left ear?

Due to it's weight, the necklace quickly turned into a bandolier.  You know, like Chewbacca's.  I'll have a photo of it tomorrow.

Day 2
Scamp can be a really, really silly 6-year-old.  Totally normal.  But, he can also be so thoughtful and serious.  This look on his face is just so him.  Love that I was blessed to capture it.  It's my Day 2 photo for joy of LOVE.  The theme was "how they look."  Haven't signed up yet? You should.  It's really motivating and fun!

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