Thursday, January 27, 2011

a place for everything, and everything in it's place

It's Thursday.  Which means it's almost Friday, which is good, but what that also means is that it's almost Saturday, which is even better.

You are so enlightened now, I know.  You're welcome.

But, because it's Thursday that means no driving for me today.  So, I'm gonna do what I did Tuesday (also a no-driving day).  I'm going to sequester myself in my downstairs to clean.  There are three rooms down there.  One belongs to Sprite, one belongs to the boys, and one is a playroom. 

Some before pictures:

Puck and Scamp's room

Sprite's room

and, GAH, the playroom

Tuesday, I cleaned the boys' room and the playroom.  I "simplified" our toys, which is code for I got rid of a bunch of unused/broken/missing pieces toys.  Don't tell the kids.  It's been two days and they still think I just put things away.  I'm okay with that deception.

However, those two rooms alone took me 6 1/2 hours.  Holy. moly.  I took a look at Sprite's room at 3:30 and just closed the door so I wouldn't have to see it.

Today's the day.
Oh!  And, so you can ooo and ahhh over our wonderfully clean rooms.....


Coming tomorrow:  Sprite's clean room!

And, you might be wondering why on earth I am doing the cleaning.  Good question.  My answer is that it was just flat out too messy for the kids to do anything with.  They were completely overwhelmed with all the stuff (hence, the simplification I performed).  Our goal now is to put things away before getting something new out.  We've taught this before, but have rarely followed through.  I hope to change that today.  Now.

Forever.  amen.

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