Thursday, January 27, 2011

NOW everything is in it's place, for reals

I am one tired, but happy mom tonight.  I just went to hug and kiss the kids and I didn't step on a single LEGO or Barbie doll shoe!  Do you have any idea how much those things hurt?

Proportionate to the boys' room and playroom, Sprite's took me longer.  Three hours, to be exact.  Not sure why except it was mentally much more taxing.  My "simplification" wasn't as easy as "Oh, this car is missing a wheel, I'll throw it away."  There was just so.much.paper.  And pens.  And markers.  And little bits and pieces that are so "important" to a 9-year-old.

I found no less than four journals, all with a few pages taken up with her name.  Very important.

At least five original self-illustrated books by the girl, some written for her brothers, others just for fun. Very important.  How do I get rid of those?
I don't.

And let me not forget the 8 tins and boxes of rocks.  And shells.  And marbles.  And pink gems.

Oh! and I almost forgot the most important thing I found in her room.  A floor.  A lovely, perfectly good, completely usable floor.  What a treat.

Picnik collage

Next up this weekend:  hanging up all the artwork (framed, so requiring nails) and a few stuffed animal housing nets from ikea. 


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