Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas pics, and yes, I know it is now January 6th

Without any ado are photos from our drive-infused trip to the Midwest for Christmas.  It was busy, it was fun!

 First, we went to suburbia-Chicago to visit Adam's folks.  Everyone was there.  It's been too long since we saw everyone!  Cake, hibachi, fun, laughter, presents, a trip to IKEA.  But best of all:  family.  So good!!


Picnik collage
LEGOs galore!  These were all Adam's, now they're all ours.  We have LEGOs coming out our ears.  Seriously.
This is all the cousins on Adam's side of the family.  How different could Puck's and Sprite's expression be?

Then we headed back to Missouri to see my side of the family.  It was hectic, chaotic, noisy and wonderful.  Emphasis on the wonderful part.

Picnik collage
Sprite and my niece making a gingerbread man with my mom.  They are, obviously, not the only ones to enjoy it.
Ok, there are so many, many more, but I'm just too, too tired.  One more for the night and hopefully I can get motivated to get more up this weekend. 

I have to include this series of photos, they completely crack me up.  We had so much food, we could have fed three more families (and there was 20 of us) and still had leftovers.  Meat, meat, and more meat.  We had a turkey.  We had a ham.  And we had a beef tenderloin.  I won't even mention the other food.  Kooky. So when I downloaded all my pics, I laughed when I saw all these photos of my brother carving up the meat.  And carving....and carving.  The poor dog.  Jack was literally in a continual state of drool the entire evening.  (Those apron strings belong to my brother, still carving.)  Love it!

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