Tuesday, January 18, 2011


A scene from last week. 

This is Puck's first game of chess.  He's been asking to learn for awhile now.  He paid attention the entire time, even remembering all the weird, oops I mean different, moves each piece has, what they can and can't do.  Adam even taught him something about the bishop and king switching....it has a name but I forget now.  Can you tell I have never been a chess player?  I learned more in Puck's hour-long lesson than I've ever learned in the many times Adam has tried to teach me.  I prefer Rummikub.  Or Skipbo.  Basically, almost anything with fewer rules than chess.  Except Chutes 'n Ladders.   Please don't ever make me play that game.  It is the game-without-end!  I'll even take Candyland over it!

Anybody else with me on this one?


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