Monday, December 27, 2010


We have been on the road for the past nine days and spent six of them driving.  Ugh.

ugh, ugh, ugh.

However, we got to see every person in both our immediate families, so I have lots and lots of pictures for you all. 

But, those will have to wait.  'Cause I'm so tired.  But as we approach this year's end, I start thinking about next year and what it will bring....for me.....for my family.....for friends.  Do you make resolutions?  I stopped doing this along time ago.  They were always a major failure--actually, I was a major failure at keeping them.  I then went through the phase of thinking that making those resolutions was a waste of time since I knew I couldn't keep them.  But what about goals?  Aspirations for our year?  Things we want to see accomplished, memories we want to make sure and make, ways we want to be usable by God.  If you find a few minutes, click over here to read a post from our former church (which we were able to visit for the Christmas Eve service). 

At this end of the year, I want to reflect on my response to God, my faith.  Do I run to Him in the everyday mundane times of the day?  Do I seek his face in the everyday moments?  Do I see life, everyday life, as the miracle it is?

This year, I want my "resolution" to be to put my "hope in the only One capable of making any lasting change: "Lord, increase our faith!""

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