Monday, November 29, 2010


My friend, Courtney, was the lucky winner of the first ever Part of the Miracles giveaway!  Yea Courtney!  I actually know her in real life, too.  Ha!

Did I ever tell you about meeting Courtney for the first time?  We were both doing laundry in the basement laundry room of our apartment building in New York.  She was balancing her little one (I think he was 5 months at the time) on her hip while trying to get laundry in and out of the washers and dryers.  I'm pretty sure she brought a stroller down from then on.  That was no easy task.

She also somehow talked me into taking the subway down to Times Square to go to the Toys R Us.  I don't even know how she did that, but I'm so glad she did!  That's her little guy in the stroller, and she has Scamp on her lap with Sprite looking so little.  HOW do they grow up so fast?  That picture, by the way, is so very Courtney. :)

Picnik collage


Just in case you've not noticed, there is a side bar item named "2010 Book List."  And it's just that.  My one meager goal for this year was to keep track of the titles I've read this year.  Yea for accomplishments!

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