Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Thanksgiving Craft: Place holders

We went out last week and collected a big bag of pine cones.  We only have the skinny kind here for some reason, but they worked just fine. Sprite was itching to do a Thanksgiving craft, so we created these little place holders.

We found that we needed to hot glue the three pine cones together first.

Then, we tied a ribbon around the three. 

Next, we hot glued some pretty fake leaves to the bottoms, or, in Puck's case, he chose to glue them to the back, turkey-tail-style.  You could absolutely use real leaves, we just don't have any pretty ones here either.  Well, we did, it was just weeks ago.  That's mountain-living for you.  Autumn is beautiful, but short and early.

I'm not completely sure where Scamp was during the crafting time.  Most likely, he was creating his own LEGO-something.  That's where he can be found most days.

I had some little fall decorations that I don't use anymore, so I let the kids tear them apart and use what they wanted.  The little orange balls sort of look like turkey beards, don't they?


Sprite traced some leaves onto this pretty paper, cut them out and then wrote names on them. 

Cute stuff!

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