Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Gift

When our family began the move from Korea to New York, we prayed for many things.  We prayed for affordable housing, we prayed for scholarships, we prayed for peace in the process, we prayed for our kids while we moved, we prayed for our three kids to do well on the 15-hour plane flight home.

We also prayed for friends at our new home in the Big Apple.  God was gracious with all of our requests in one way or another, including friends.

My second day in the apartment building, I went down to start a load of laundry in the communal laundry room and met Courtney.  Immediately, I knew there was something special about her.  She was trying to do laundry with her little 5-month-old guy hugging her hip.  No easy feat!  In that small apartment building on the Columbia campus in the middle of New York, there were four families and 2 other single guys who all loved the Lord.  Five of the guys were even in the same program.  God had answered in his remarkable, unexpected, perfect way.

Then, we moved to the mountains.  We prayed, again, for friends.  God has answered.  Abundantly!

These are the children of my dear, sweet friend here in our little town of Eagle. (You saw these little critters a few posts ago, but they looked a little different dressed up in their Halloween regalia!) Her oldest boy is Puck's very bestest friend--how sweet that my little guy has a best friend!  We've been trying to get together with all three of her kids forever to do this photo session.  One day, on a beautiful fall afternoon, it all worked.

This if my very favorite of the three together. If you'd like to see more of the session, just click on the picture and it will take you to my Flickr photo stream to see more.  These kids are adorable!

 "When you ask God for a gift,
be thankful if he sends,
not diamonds, pearls, or riches,
but the love of real true friends."
~Helen Steiner Rice

One more thing.....Last week, I got to talk with my longest friend, Kim, for an entire hour!  On my birthday!  What a treat.  God brought us together even before I knew to pray for such things:  we were three-years-old and in preschool. He's taken us through playground games, boyfriends, college, weddings, our marriages and children.  He is good.

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