Saturday, November 20, 2010

Gala Art Project

Tonight is the Gala for our school.  I have to get dressed up.  Like, really dressed up.  But even then, I won't be nearly as dressed up as some of the beautiful women at our school.

The gala-team absolutely transforms our already beautiful school into something that isn't even imaginable.  I walked in last year expecting something along the lines of prom night:  nice but still a school gym.  But what really happened, was my jaw dropped along with everyone else's when they walked in.  It is truly amazing!  It was like entering a gorgeous ballroom.  I can't wait for tonight to see what they've done!

Part of tonight is to have fun.  The other part is to raise money for our school.  I shared awhile ago about how each class creates a project that is then auctioned off to help in the fund-raising efforts.  The projects are really fun to see.  And the best part is that all the kids help in it in some way.

We took these:

and these:
and, with the talents of some great parents, put it all together and got this:

the colors are a bit over-saturated in this photo due to the lighting
It's a re-creation of Andy Warhol's Diamond Dust Shoes.  (Click on that link to get an idea of how well the kids did at re-creating the painting.) The kids really did an amazing job, and it was so fun (I won't mention the nail-biting part) to see it all come together at the end!

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