Thursday, October 14, 2010


We went to our local pumpkin festival last Saturday.  It was so cute.  We went to the same festival last year.  Full of photo opportunities, don't you think?  Why, yes. Yes, it would have been.

Look at this chicken.  Isn't he cute.

That was the only shot I got of the entire festival this year before my camera battery died.  Died.  On the spot.  Goodness.


After enjoying time with friends, riding the horse-drawn wagon, getting hay in every possible place in the hay maze and watching Puck get a nicely scraped up eye from falling off the teeter-totter, we headed home with our pumpkins.  All five of them.  Big ones, too.

Remember our pumpkin decorating extravaganza from last year?  Well, we can't get out of doing the actual carving this year.  The kids are a year older and wiser, but we were able to post-pone it a week by explaining how pumpkins get rather nasty if carved too early before Halloween.

Armed with only their pumpkin, a bag of funny faces and their own imagination.........

........three super cute pumpkin faces were created on our own front porch!


But, come this weekend, let the pumpkin fly!

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