Monday, October 25, 2010

It's coming

My morning started at 6am.  I always get up before the kids so I can have myself ready first.  It's one thing that keeps me sane.

At 6:30, I got a phone call.  Anytime the phone rings at that time of the morning, it's either serious news or it's about carpool to school.  This time it was about carpool.  They were coming at 7 because snow had started in Vail, which is where our school is.

It's been three years, and still I can't get used to snow this early in the year.  We live about 30 minutes west and 2,000 feet lower than Vail.  This makes a huge difference in our weather patterns.  So, while it's snowing here as well, it's not sticking.  Yet.  However, there's a foot and a half of snow on Vail Pass.


It's coming, I might as well embrace it.

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