Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Before we begin, the following post contains pictures that have absolutely nothing to do with the topic.  I don't really have any photos related to frugality, so you'll have to do with some pictures I never got around to posting from this summer.

Have you ever read an article on a topic, only to come across that very same topic over and over again in different situations?  Or, like yesterday, I had a thought that I should call my hairdresser soon--and then I saw her at the grocery store.  Eerie! Ok, ok, maybe that's an overstatement (especially given the size of our way-too-small town), but you know what I mean!


A friend just posted this article on frugality on Facebook.  Not twenty minutes later I got an email from our pastor (sent out to the whole church) linking to the exact same article.  Frugality is a common topic around here, in our home, with friends.  I think it's common almost everywhere given the economy and the uncertainty of the financial future.  Last year, Adam and I took a Financial Peace class that completely changed the way we look at our finances, our spending and our goals as a family.  It was great.  While we haven't done everything Dave says, it opened conversations up and made us look realistically at things.  Our many, many moves have done something similar.  When you move, you find out just how much stuff you have. It can be very scary.  I wrote this post, called "Do More With Less", over a year ago on this very same topic.  If you'd like a daily challenge, put Balancing Beauty and Bedlam in your reader for 31 Days to More with Less.


Saving money is important to me, but, as Tim Challies, the author of that article, states, frugality in and of itself can become an idol in the same way that buying stuff can become. I love our local thrift store, but I have to watch myself or I'd walk out of there with all kinds of things I didn't even know I needed!  My favorite quote from the article:  "Is it really frugal to save fifteen cents on a box of macaroni but to have a house stuffed to the rafters with things purchased at the local Goodwill?"

cone flower down 1

Melissa from A Familiar Path is periodically sharing her family's journey to financial freedom.  Gail from The Grocery Cart Challenge also shares almost daily how her family saves money.  These are such encouraging reads.  I'm sure there are many more out there I'm just not aware of.  How many of you out there have also been on, or are currently on, this journey? 


This post inadvertently became a lot of link love. :) 

Also, on a completely unrelated note, I hope I didn't offend anyone with the Teeny Tiny Fun post and Ground Zero.  Was NOT my intention.At.All.  I removed that particular picture from the post.  Sorry, guys.

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