Thursday, September 9, 2010

Third Annual Dog Swim

Remember waaaay back to yesterday when I said that I was going to, and I quote, "post something every single stinkin' day for the next week"?

Guess what?  Here I am!!

So, yesterday I left you with this photo:


I told you there was a story behind it.

For the past two years, our local pool has had a dog swim the day after the last day it's open.

This is the first year we attended.

Picnik collage

It was hilarious.

Picnik collage

Bernese mountain dogs (Winnie) have large, webbed feet.  You'd think they were for swimming.

They're not.  While Winnie doesn't mind getting wet, she prefers it on her own terms.  Getting thrown into the pool no less then half-dozen times is not her idea of fun.  Please note:  it was not I doing the throwing.  I was the one pulling her out each time after that pathetic, forlorn look (see below).  That's what mother's do.

Good news was she came home exhausted and hasn't hardly lifted her head all day today!


michelle said...

That is just so unbelievably awesome! I WISH we had something like that!

Is Winnie related to ALL of those dogs? I think it's so neat when doggie siblings stay in touch.

I would love a dog like her...but honestly my 6 lb furball is more than I can handle most days. :-S

The dB family said...

Lol! What a hoot!! I would go just to watch! Poor Winnie :o)!


Timi said...

It is a funny post :o)! Lovely photos of Winnie! Looks like she enjoyed the whole thing after all...:o)!