Friday, September 17, 2010

Routine and Randomness

We now have three weeks of school under our belt.

Routine is setting in.

It's been a busy three weeks.  The total number of nights Adam was at school this week was 3, and one of the nights I was at school.  Four out of five.  Not the best of weeks, not the worst!  Thankfully, the kids are holding up well.


A few weeks ago, Adam cleaned out the garage.  His Marine Corps box was out there.  Whenever he comes across it, he goes through it and organizes it a little bit more.  This time he got out his hat and handed it to the boys.  They are so excited to have it!

With Scamp and Sprite in school, Puck gets the brunt of my photo-taking.  He's still young enough to take it in stride.

obviously unedited with wrinkles, grey hair and all
I got a new camera toy.  It's a remote.

Now even I can be in pictures without having to set my timer and race to get in front of the lens!  Woo hoo!  Every mom should have one.

Am I being sexist to say "Mom", or are most of you Moms the family photographer?  Dads?


I even got Adam to smile normally for a picture.  It's novel!
You have no idea.
And, another novelty, we were actually on a date.  A real dinner-and-a-movie date. 
Don't worry, we weren't actually driving when I took this!

This weekend will most likely be fall colors here in the Rocky Mountains.  Which means you might see a lot of photos of golden aspens next week.

What are your weekend plans?

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