Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Figure of Speech

How many of you journal?  Or is blogging your modus operandi

(I bet I just totally misused that Latin phrase and Adam will be telling me about it whenever he happens to read this post!  haha!)

I used to journal.  Or, rather, I had a journal.  Several. They were always very pretty and the spine cracked every time I opened them, because 'every time' was just about 'never'.  Each pretty journal had approximately 14 pages used in the very front.  And the rest was completely blank.

However, today I was scouring, absolutely scouring, my house looking for a lost and dearly missed book (uhg, that's what moving will do to you!) and I came across a calender I kept while we lived in Iowa where I actually wrote some notes down on things the kids did and said.  A 'journal', if you will.

I started looking through it and I found a note jotted down in the corner of a conversation I had had with Sprite.  She was about three-years-old.   We must have been talking about food, I do that a lot.

Me: Don't grapes sound good?

Sprite:  puts grape to ear--"Actually, they don't say anything."

Ah.  Figurative speech.  Completely lost on three-year-old's.

Sprite, age 3

I've got a kicker pie recipe for you tomorrow!

And, keep your fingers crossed that I'll come across my missing book soon!

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