Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The New Crew


These guys joined forces with the rest of our Rescue Heroes last week after a lucky trip to our local thrifty store.  (Actually, this is three of the same guy, Billy Blazes, just different outfits.)  This set of toys, along with the cars and LEGOS, are the only things my boys consistently go back to each and every day.  Even Sprite loves to play with them, she just wishes we had some of the girl heroes (heroines?), so we'll have to keep checking back in with Thrifty.  I'm not sure who was more thrilled with our find, the kids or me!


michelle said...

Oh wow - does that bring back memories!!!
We still have a huge basket of those guys in our basement, as Joseph hasn't been able to part with them yet. When I was pregnant he BEGGED us to name Annabelle "Wendy Waters"
(...considering our last name can you imagine how funny that would have been?) ;-)

If I can ever convince him to part with them - I'll ship them off to you. He'd be happy knowing they have a good home.

The dB family said...

Those kinds of finds are the best!!