Monday, August 30, 2010

First day of school!

Today is the first day of school for Sprite and Scamp.  God put a beautiful reminder of His promise in the sky.  We took is as a promise to us for a wonderful day at school.

First day of school promise

Sprite is so excited for 3rd grade, she could hardly get through the weekend. 
E 3rd grade
And, as a natural part of that, I thought I might not get through the weekend.  Just kidding.  Sort of.

It doesn't seem possible that she's entering 3rd grade.  I mean, how can I, I mean she, be that old?!

And this kid.  Seriously.  First grade?
O 1st grade
Scamp was also very excited, but had some nerves going on.  Just a few, but enough to make me have to sit on my hands to not cuddle him like the infant that he used to be.

O 1st grade

Thankfully, Puck was able to sleep through the morning and wake rested and willing to start some school of his own. 

E and O

When do your kids start school?


michelle said...

Awww - Happy first day of school to you guys!

I love the rainbow! What a perfect way to be reminded of God's love as they sett off to begin their new school year.

I'll bet Puck sure is going to miss having them around - but he's going to LOVE all of that Mommy time, too! ;-)

Kim said...

Isn't it hard to believe that our kids can be so old?! It is nice to have kids that look forward to school though. I am thankful for that. J & J started back on the 19th and Luke and I are adjusting to having a few hours of alone time. (K is only half-day here). We'll have to catch up again soon!

Timi said...

Great pictures!!
My daughter will go to 3rd grade,too...but the school begins the first of September, here, in Hungary, so we have one more day left :o). I think most children waiting for the school...:o)

Fifi said...

Happy faces around .... that's a great start to the schooling year! Your pics are beauts.

The dB family said...

A rainbow to start the school year? Awesome!! What great photos of your sweeties!

School starts here a week from today. I think I'm the most nervous!