Saturday, July 24, 2010

Looking for the light

The night I wanted to take Scamp's birthday pictures, a storm was rolling in.  Finding the light was tricky.  Sometimes it was there, sometimes it wasn't

Learning still...

I love his expression.  It's just so him.

I'm still not sure how the past six years went by so fast. 

This sweet, easy going boy has always wanted a hug, been ready to crawl into my lab, will still hold my hand even with friends present.  He has the greatest laugh, is a loyal friend and brother. 
He often has a deep question about God, and is willing to discuss and listen.

He loves animals and Legos, his dog and his siblings.

He brings much joy to our life!


Timi said...

It's a very good photo of Scamp!!
But I like the other photo, too :o)!
You have beautiful children and they look sooo happy on the picture :o)))!

michelle said...

Oh WOW! That first photo is amazing!
You truly have captured 'HIM' there! The second one is beautiful, too - but that first one could be a prizewinner!

I shot several rolls with my new camera on our recent vacation...none of them are as good as that. I guess I have to practice more. ;-)

The dB family said...

Your children are so beautiful!! Your photos are lovely! I think you captured the light very well!