Monday, July 26, 2010


Were LEGOs apart of your life as a kid?  I loved them.  I thought I had a lot, 'til I heard how many Adam had.  His poor, sweet mother is still housing them for us.  (We'll get them someday, I promise!)

Scamp has developed a strong attachment to all things LEGO.  He received two sets for his birthday, a LEGO watch with R2D2 on it, and he bought a set with his own gift card at Target, too.  Adam and I have been working around the clock with him to put them together.  Seriously, though?  I'd put a LEGO set together any day over taking all the twist-ties off a Polly Pocket, wouldn't you?  It's just so much more fun and satisfying!  Thank heavens Sprite's done with Polly's.

LEGO Maniac O 2


The dB family said...

Always a hit in this house too!


michelle said...

DONE with Polly's?! Oh what is that like? I can only dream of that day. All 3 of mine still love Pollys...even Julie. I think we're doomed to have Pollys for the next 6-7 yrs.

We have our share of Legos, too. ;-)